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Cultured Provisions

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Organic. Vegan. Probiotic.

We've scoured the globe for the best single sourced, organic ingredients to design our cultured food and nutrition line. Created by a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Chef, Cultured Provisions was created as a response to the lack of real vegan and paleo foods that were actually good for the body and the earth.

Real FOod

Organic Raw Nuts + Herbs + Spring Water — NOTHING ELSE.

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Nothing to Hide


 Raw Organic Cashews & Superfoods

Environmentally Responsible

We source the best fair trade RAW organic cashews from a local company that cares about sustainability, fair wages, and environmental impact. Every batch is third party tested for mold, pesticides, herbicides, and mycotoxins. This brings up our cost but we want every offering to be as much a health positive food as it is a delectable treat. It doesn't matter if you're vegan, paleo, or just looking for an alternative to dairy, you'll be able to taste the quality and love in every product.

Human Grade Probiotics

Supplement Grade Cultured

We work with a Lab based in the United States that makes us a custom blend of vegan / gluten-free probiotics that not only give our cheeses and yogurts their amazing and unique flavor profile but are also designed to work with the body to maintain and support optimal gut and immune health. Each strain is human grade and guaranteed to implant (unlike most probiotics that die in the stomach acid ordo not stay viable for more than a few weeks if they make it into the GI track) helping you maintain vibrant health.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water

Local, Wild, Artisan Spring Water

Even the water we use in every product is the highest quality water found on earth. Coming from Palomar Mountain a pristine and high elevation spring in North County San Diego this water comes from a deep aquifer that is millions of years old. This means when the water comes up it is literally the cleanest substance you will ever come in contact with. This spring water is in its RAW and natural state. Never processed or treated with chemicals, it's the only logical choice for Cultured Provisions.